Intel Pro Desktops on August 7?

I’m not one to put my neck on the line unless it’s absolutey necessary, but I’m becoming more convinced with each passing day that August 7 is the day that Apple will announce Intel Pro desktop machines and finally put the ageing Power Mac G5 out of its misery.

At 10am PST that day, Steve Jobs will deliver a keynote speech to mark the beginning of Apple’s annual WWDC in San Francisco’s Mosone Center — scene of more than one or two significant Apple announcements in recent years. Officially the keynote will be about Mac OS X Leopard, but it wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t spring a surprise at the last minute. Besides, I’m not convinced Jobs would deliver the keynote himself unless there was something significant to announce.

Also, we already know that Intel has slated mid-July for the launch of its Core 2 Duo (Conroe) chip, which is almost certain to be the processor in the new Pro desktop.

Finally, sources tell me that Apple’s PR departments around the world have been pumping the phones and inviting editors of Mac magazines to SF for the keynote. This is highly unusual, Apple never invites Mac magazine editors to its developers conference. That alone tells me that it has something big up itself, and what could be bigger than the announcement of what could be, if the Xserves launch in the next coupel of weeks as expected, the final piece in Apple’s Intel transition?

Pro desktops are a perfect fit for WWDC and are sure to generate much excitement among the assembled masses.

Watch this space…

7 Responses to “Intel Pro Desktops on August 7?”

  1. Jim Says:

    Guess you don’t believe Leopard will be “all that”, eh?

    A bigger surprise would be if Adobe launched a version of CS that would work with Intel pro-class Macs, but I doubt that will happen, and G5s will continue to be available into 2007 - kind of like OS 9 booting G4s were to support Quark.

  2. siva Says:

    Conroe processors are cheaper than Merom. Conroe processors don’t support dual-processor configuration. Conroe desktops from competitors will be available for sub-$1000 price range. I don’t think Apple will use Conroe but will use Woodcrest. Apple will use Conroe on the iMacs and the eMac successor if there is one. Also, the Altivec performance on the G5 still trumps the SSE in the intel processors. That combined with some technical applications and Photoshop suite not being native intel will make sure the G5s are still relevant. I think it will be hard to beat a quad G5 even using a pair of Woodcrests. Considering these G5s have not been updated in a while, they are standing up quite well. Imagine if IBM was able to deliver 3GHz+ quad-core G5s for the PowerMacs. I think Apple should continue to support both PPC and Intels. May be they can use the PPCs for very high end workstations and servers. Remember the 2200 processor Xserve that was in the top 5 in super computer performance. Intel was not competing well at all!! And I don’t think intel is ramping up in performance that dramatically compared to the PPC. What they are doing well is performance per watt. If super computer apps, that may not be relevant.

  3. menneke Says:

    “Besides, I’m not convinced Jobs would deliver the keynote himself unless there was something significant to announce.”

    You’re confusing the WWDC with a trade exhibition. Jobs *always* does the keynote for the WWDC. And besides, he would never let the opportunity slip by to demo Leopard, speaking of “something significant”.

  4. Jon Says:

    Well QuarkXPress 7 (Universal Binary) should be ready by then or very, very close. It’s gonna be a free update for anyone that already bought 7.0 for Mac.


  5. Brian Says:

    You forgot to mention that the screenshots are fakes. Go back to the site and read the newest entry proclaiming that they are indeed fakes. Maybe you should post a retraction or at least mention this info?


  6. mac4xpd Says:

    Brian, I assume your comment is in relation to the previous post on the supposed Leopard screenshots. If you read the comments on that thread, you’ll see that I doo acknowledge that they are fakes.

  7. switchtoamac Says:

    Perhaps they’ll announce that Leopard is ready. That would really slap Microsoft.

    Imagine the marketing Apple would undertake:

    - “Redmond, your copiers aren’t fast enough”
    - “In the time Microsoft has released XP and Vista, we at Apple would have Shipped 5 versions of Mac OS X”

    Can’t wait until August 7th.

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