Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Screenshots

Trinity Rubicon has what it claims to be screenshots of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. There’s no captions or commentary provided, but they look pretty real to me.

Among the things worth noting are the fact that in the first shot, there is an Internet Explorer for Windows window on the same desktop as the Mac native applications. There’s also a Boot Camp icon in the menu bar. This would appear to suggest that Boot Camp will be a virtualisation solution when it ships, rather than requiring you to reboot your Mac.

Further, it looks as if you’ll be able to run Windows apps transaprently, without the need for a separate Windows desktop window. Also interesting is the ‘About this Mac’ window which lists the Windows version underneath the startup disk.

There’s also a new animation for Fast User Switching, demonstrated in the second grab, though it looks pretty awful.

Finally, note the new Address Book icon in the Dock — it has a date as well as the ‘@’ symbol. A combined Address Book and iCal perhaps?

I haven’t re-produced the screenshots here because I can’t be certain of their provenance, nor of the rights attached to them.

16 Responses to “Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Screenshots”

  1. TriangleJuice Says:


    The “About this Mac” window normally says “10.5 (developer preview)” or sth. similar.

  2. James Katt Says:

    Looks like bullcrap to me.

  3. Julius Says:

    Does anybody find it strange that the links on the page go nowhere?

  4. derPlau Says:

    The second grab doesn’t show Fast User Switching — it shows “Desktop Switching”, which I infer to mean that there’s a virtual desktop built in (the “1 - 2″ bezel in the first screenshot looks like a list of available desktops; the circled “1″ or “2″ in the menu bar tells you which desktop you’re looking at).

  5. mac person Says:

    I’m guessing that anim isn’t for fast user switching but is for switching desktops. In the first screen grab you can see a bezel marked “1″ and “2″ which would be OK ways to identify desktops but horrible ways to identify users. Also, the second grab is, um, labeled “desktop switcher”.

  6. Christiaan Says:

    I don’t think that’s a animation for Fast User Switching. It looks to be a animation for virtual desktops. Not the numbers in centre of screen on first shot and the number in the menu bar too. The second screenshot is also called “Desktop Switcher”.

  7. Marcos Says:

    Mmm, they look fake to me. Internet Explorer? Is that supposed to be running in Windows or something? Mac IE doesn’t look like that and hasn’t been updaten in ages. I think this is some one’s fantasy… I could be wrong, but I’m highly skeptical.

  8. mac4xpd Says:

    Marcos, that’s precisely the point - it is Windows IE. good point on the desktop switching.

    I’m less and less convinced about the validity of these shots. But the idea of Boot Camp morphing into a virtualisation solution that works better than Parallels very good implememtation is intriguing.

  9. Michael Says:

    Hasn’t anyone run Classic on the PowerPC Macs before? Seems to me that these screenshots show Leopard’s ability to boot Windows and run Windows apps in their own windows along side OS X apps. Classic was implemented in this same fashion. Even down to adding Classic apps in the dock.

  10. kaiwai Says:


    The internet explorer could be available via the rumoured ‘parallels’ which is being pushed; if so, it could be quite possible.

    With that being said, I doubt the validity to the screenshots, the general rule of thumb, if it has been closed down with in 24 hours, there is some truth to it - the fact that it has been up for this long, goes to prove that Apple reps probably saw it, did a brief chuckle to themselves, and said, “nothing to worry about, its all bullcrap”.

  11. Mike Says:

    Apple would never put the word “Windows” in the about box. And even if they did, they would have to use a trademark symbol or some disclaimer saying it’s an MS trademark

  12. mac4xpd Says:

    the fact that it has been up for this long, goes to prove that Apple reps probably saw it, did a brief chuckle to themselves, and said, “nothing to worry about, its all bullcrap”.

    kaiwai - I think you’re probably spot on. Still, the ride was fun while it lasted :-)

  13. Christiaan Says:

    The jig is up:

  14. Mark Mason Says:

    Fake. The images are Photoshop fakes.

  15. dupa Says:

    WHAY ARE WE GIVING THIS ATTENTION? Its fake. Some blogger’s attention whoring and 10 sites have given him attention! I’d remove this and discredit the guy (trinity rubicon blog).

  16. mac4xpd Says:

    Yes they are fakes, as, to be fair, most people thought they were. I’m not going to remove the post, becasue they were pretty good fakes, and not only has the guy fessed up, he’s explained how they were done. Kudos to him, I say.

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